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You can download or install your driver Software as per the Printer Model

Now Get the appropriate assistance @ +1-888-863-4264 for such setup from our technical experts at 123.hp.com/Setup

  • HP Envy Printers
  • HP OfficeJet Printers
  • HP OfficeJet Pro Printers
  • HP DeskJet Printers
  • Laserjet Printers


There are several ways to configure your 123.hp.com. One is, you can visit 123.hp.com/Setup. Second is, contact our expert customer service @ +1-888-863-4264 and let them guide and help you to Setup HP Printers.

Go to hp.Com website to configure your printer, create your account and register your device and resolve your issue with our expertise. As per the website, follow the instruction and install the HP Printer drivers for your printer.
Setting up All-in-one HP printer is an easy process, but at times trouble occurs during the printer configuration. To explore the steps to configure your HP All-in-one Printer, check out 123.hp.com/Setup, contact our support team and configure your HP Printer.

Steps to configure an All-in-one HP Printer at 123.hp.com/Setup as follows:

  • HP Printer Setup and Installation
  • Install the drive/software for HP printer
  • Printing proficiency
  • Troubleshooting HP printer

Configure and Install HP Printer:

To install the HP printer drivers, follow the instructions provided at 123.hp.com/Setup

  • Unpack the printer
  • Find the printer support and other fills for printing jobs with the contents of printer hardware and its accessories
  • Put the paper in your printer’s tray
  • Connect the printer to the power cord and switch on the device
  • Place the ink cartridge and then start printing

Once the device starts working and it is configured, you can install the drivers from the printer website 123.hp.com/Setup.

HP printer drivers

Install HP Printer Drivers/Softwares

After the hardware is configured, you can proceed with the software installation at hp.com. The printer drivers can be easily installed from our website 123 hp com where you can configure Windows or iOS after finding the appropriate program to do so. Download the software or driver for your HP printer by visiting 123.hp.com/Setup and get personal assistance from our expert professionals. If you are iOS user, download the latest version of MacBook and download the appropriate software from the website. Then click on the program file in the Mac Connector to initiate the driver installation.

If the installation wizard throws an error message, we would suggest you uninstall the current driver of your device by following the below steps:

  • On your computer, open the Devices and Printers or the Apple menu
  • Now, select the connected printer to the device and click on the Uninstall button to uninstall the drive from Windows
  • If it is Mac, then Go to System Preferences, click on Printers and Scanners and select the printer you wish to delete

Soon after the current printer driver is uninstalled, try to reinstall with the update.

If you still have a problem in the installation, you can contact our HP Printer Support experts who are available at @ +1-888-863-4264 in assisting you to install your printer device.

HP Wireless Printer configuration at 123.hp.com/Setup

Portable Printer

HP Wireless Printer Setup in Mac

  • Switch on your HP Printer, the router and your computer.
  • Make sure that the computer is connected to the wireless network.
  • Go to your Printer’s Control Panel and click on the Wireless icon.
  • Select the Settings icon
  • Click Wireless Setup Wizard
  • Click OK.
  • The wizard searches and displays a list of available networks.
  • Now follow the instructions on the screen
  • Select the name of the network to finish the connection configuration.
  • Click on the Apple menu
  • Select the About Mac option
  • Click Software Updates.
  • Click on the Updates icon to update the program.
  • Choose System Preferences to print or scan on the Apple menu.
  • Now, click on the + sign in the right bottom corner of the window to select your HP printer’s name.
  • Click Add Printer to add the name of your HP printer, if the printer is not listed.
  • Before adding the printer, close and restart all open applications to use HP software’s updated features.
  • HP printer is connected wirelessly to your Mac device.

Customers feel uncomfortable when they see “Cannot set up and install an HP printer” on their computers after all the difficulties of wired or wireless connectivity.

You do not have to worry, we are here to assist you. All you have to do is get in touch with our technical team or you can contact us through the extended telephone service number, or you can also visit our website at 123.hp.com/Setup

To set up your HP printer, our support team is always there to lend a hand to you and your printer.

Wireless Printer

HP Wireless Printer Setup in Windows

The wireless HP Printer Setup connection can be applied in two ways: SSID and password, WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). The basic steps to connect your HP Wireless printer to a Windows device:

  • Switch on the printer.
  • Click on Wireless icon on your printer’s control panel.
  • Select the Settings in the display.
  • Click on Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Click OK. The wizard searches and displays a list of available networks.
  • Follow the instructions that flash on the screen and select your network’s name to finish the connection settings.
  • If required, download the HP wireless Printer software.
  • For your home network and password, enter the SSID.
  • Now connect the printer to the wireless network.
  • You can connect the printer directly to your router using the WPS button.
  • Click on the WPS button on the router and the printer.
  • This connects your HP printer to your home network directly.
HP Envy Printers

HP Envy Printers:

Compact models designed especially for Home and Small-scale businesses. Our technical experts provide assistance regarding Envy Printers setup and troubleshooting. We assist you in unpacking your printer and see to it that your printer prints flawlessly.

HP Officejet Printer

HP OfficeJet Printers:

Planned for both Home and Office purpose, which can be used for medium businesses. Most of 123.hp.com/Setup Office Jet printers are all-in-one built in with multi-functioning properties such as printing, scanning, faxing and copying.

HP Officejet Pro Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro Printers:

Equally designed like OfficeJet Printers, although they are a step ahead and can be used for large scale businesses too. 123 hp com setup website and our expertise provide assistance at various levels like OfficeJet Pro Printer connectivity, installation etc.

HP Deskjet Printer

HP DeskJet Printers:

Compact in size and cheap to acquire, exclusively designed for small-scale business and home purpose. Our experts provide end-to-end assistance for 123 hp com setup at the toll-free number and chat assistance.

Your Printer’s Printing techniques: You can see the printing steps on our website at 123.hp.com/Setup


Print your document in Windows with HP Printer

  • Open the document which has to be printed.
  • Press Ctrl + P.
  • Now the Print window will open.
  • Click on Printer Properties.
  • You can select the final print configuration in the Properties menu.
  • The orientation of the page can be changed between “Portrait” and “Landscape”. The duplex option can also be changed and the margin can be adjusted before printing.
  • Once you have changed the settings, click Print to print the document.
  • Click on the File menu and then click on Print to open the Print window
hp printer setup

The process of printing with Mac OS is quite the same when compared with Windows OS

  • Open the document you need to print.
  • In Mac Direct Access, press Command+P to open the Print window. (or)
  • Click on the File menu and then click on Print to open the Print window
  • Now choose the printer connected to the computer.
  • Then, as per your preference change the page orientation between “Landscape” and “Portrait”.
  • You can also change the duplex option and the margin can be adjusted right before printing.
  • After changing the settings, click on Print to print the selected document.
  • You can get in touch with our support team for any assistance if you encounter any printing problems, even after the setup is done, installed the updates and drivers.

Fix your Printer

The basic problems that the users face are:

  • Configuration failure
  • Difficulties in installing or setting up the printer
  • Rapid paper jam and toner cartridge jam
  • Old or damaged print drivers
  • Queue area paper jamming
  • Temporary Printing error
  • Too slow printing
  • Several sheets picked up in the paper feed
  • Paper mismatch
  • Printer installed incorrectly
  • While printing, abruptly computer stops

Configure your HP all-in-one Printer at 123.hp.com/Setup with our expert assistance.

The most frequently and easily chosen way of setting up HP printer is visiting our website hp com or  dial us at HP Customer Support Number @ +1-888-863-4264 for resolving any issue with regard to HP printer.

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